Who We Are?

About Us

LandNNES is the Land Network National Engagement Strategy in South Africa. It operates as a consultative civil society platform which brings together members with a common medium-long term perspective to create a force that increases possibilities for People Centered Land Governance.

Through LandNNES, civil society is able to effectively engage public and private land governance stakeholders in a national multi-stakeholder platform. The establishment of a national multi-stakeholder platform accelerates the likelihood of results, increases efficiency and efficacy of action, and provides a constructive space for action where diverse perspectives can be coordinated .


The aim of the LANDNNES is to:

Identify and Act upon the Land Governance-related challenges
facing the country.

A key focus of the LANDNNES is to assess the adequacy of the existing Land
Governance framework and to formulate and advocate for appropriate land governance reforms.

Overarching Goal

The goal of all LANDNNES processes is to:

Promote a People-Centred Land Governance at the country

Policy change and/or actual implementation will, therefore, be promoted and supported, with specific policy objectives being determined and prioritised within the country by ILC members and other stakeholders supporting the LANDNNES.

Joining The Network

LandNNES is made up of member organizations who support the networks strategy, plans and terms of reference. Application for membership can be made by completing and submitting the Membership form



National Engagement Strategies are multi-stakeholder processes set in motion by the International Land Coalition to promote people-centred land governance, by influencing the formulation and implementation of land policies and programmes.  NES processes and their platforms are led by national actors, including non-ILC members, and are linked to regional and global processes of the International Land Coalition. [For more information: http://www.landcoalition.org/en/national-engagement-strategies]


Les Stratégies nationales d’engagement (SNE) sont des processus multipartites mis en place par la Coalition internationale pour l’accès à la terre (ILC) afin de promouvoir la gouvernance foncière centrée sur les personnes, qui ont vocation à influencer la rédaction et la mise en œuvre de politiques et de programmes fonciers. Les processus et plateformes SNE, liés aux initiatives régionales et mondiales de l’ILC, sont dirigés par des acteurs nationaux, dont certains ne sont pas membres de la Coalition. [Pour en savoir plus : http://www.landcoalition.org/fr/strategies-nationales-dengagement