To promote institutional changes to achieve an effective land
administration system (LA), including new approaches to land
data and information management


Changes in AGENDAS

  • The state and private sector agree to a shift in thinking about LA and DM for effective land governance and management frameworks in support of diverse land rights. Parliament’s High Level Panel promoted a change in the LA agenda, and Government adopted the proposals in theory, though has not outlined any action plans.Conceptual clarity on Land Administration.


  • The government and private sector acknowledge the central role of land administration in improving land governance and actively promotes it, and acknowledges that the current system is out of date and constitutionally questionable since it does not support the rights of the majority of citizens.
  • The government allocates sufficient resources to working on policy changes (e.g. a Green and White Paper on LA) and to support land related services, including planning, mapping, recording and registration.
  • The government embarks on a participatory process of law review, possibly through the Law Reform Commission to review old order and new order laws with the view to developing a coherent and holistic legal framework
  • The government, private sector and civil society acknowledge the need for new land data infrastructure and approaches to Land Information Systems (LIMS) and start to engage with new technologies and approaches to Data Management using Open Government Data (ODG) and Open Data that promotes integrated, interoperable and compatible land data sets that are open to the public.
  • Improvement in Land Administration and Data Management facilitates monitoring and evaluation of land-related matters including tenure.

Changes in POLICIES

  • Policies are debated after wide-ranging engagement and piloting new approaches land governance, LA and Data Management.
  • Multistakeholder forum agrees on piloting of elements of new LA and Data Management approaches in range of contexts.
  • Government embarks on Green Paper and White Paper on Land Administration.
  • A Land Administration Framework Law is developed.
  • Institutionalisation of a vehicle to drive legal reform in LA.
  • A Land Adjudication Act is developed.
  • All land-related policies and laws are reviewed and synchronised with new LA framework that recognises all legitimate land rights, e.g. adjudication, succession and inheritance, planning, valuation, taxation law
  • Protected rights are turned into legally enforceable rights, and are recorded.
  • New curricula in tertiary institutions to accommodate new approaches to Land Administration.


    • Wide ranging public participation in policy review and pilots.
    • Bridging the gap between law & practice.
    • Budgets for implementation, training & M&E.