Presidential Advisory Panel Colloquium: Unpacking Land Issues for Inclusive and Sustainable Reform.

The Expert Advisory Panel on Land Reform was appointed by President Cyril Ramaphosa to provide independent advice to the Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC) comprised of 11 cabinet ministers, convened by Deputy President David Mabuza. Keep Reading

People Are Mobilising In Greater Numbers Around Land Rights Issues Across The Globe

Thirty minutes after taking off from Husein Sastranegara International Airport in Bandung Indonesia, an earthquake and tsunami struck the city of Palu. Over 830 people are confirmed dead with the numbers of people losing their lives expected to rise dramatically as the full extent of the devastation is known. Keep Reading

The Case Of Land Expropriation Without Compensation: Arguments For And Against

The issue of land expropriation without compensation continues to be hotly debated – having generated unprecedented debate nationally: it is largely polarised between supporters and critics. Two broad views prevail. One is that the current framing of the constitution has not been fully exhausted and the possibilities for expropriation within the context of law have not been fully reckoned with.The other view argues that the constitution’s property clause read together with the limitations of rights clause makes expropriation an extremely burdensome and litigious option. Keep Reading

Programme For Farm Dwellers: Potential Collaboration On Cooperation

The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform (DRDLR) has commenced engagements with civil society organisations aimed at discussing proposals for addressing farm-dweller related matters. A Farm Dweller Implementation Plan is ‘intended to promote and protect the rights of farm dwellers, and provide them with permanent and secure tenure in a sustainable manner’ according to the department. Keep Reading

Land Administration: 4th Leg Of Land Reform

Speaking at Land Reform Colloquium, Siyabu Manona of Phuhlisani, who is an active participant in LandNNES , argued that Land Administration should be seen as the fourth leg of land reform. “Currently, nearly 70% of South African citizens live off-register in communal areas, informal settlements, RDP houses, etc. This figure is increasing! Admin done well – will have a positive impact on other three legs,” he said. Keep Reading