Nkuzi Development Association

Nkuzi is a non-profit section 21 company, providing a range of support services to historically-disadvantaged communities wishing to improve their rights and access to land.

Nkuzi started operating early in 1997 and now has 10 full time staff working throughout the Limpopo Province, northern parts of Mpumalanga Province and with farm residents in Gauteng Province.


Land for livelihoods is owned, and effectively utilized by previously landless and marginalized people.


Nkuzi advocates for, facilitates and supports disadvantaged people claiming their rights to sufficient land, secure tenure, food security, basic services and strategy


Phone: 0152976972 


Phuhlisani is a consultancy based in Cape Town which provides comprehensive services and support for land reform and integrated rural development. Our name combines several meanings. Uphuhliso (n): Development. Ukuphuhlisa (v): To cause to develop; to rise to a high standard; to explain something so as to make it outstandingly clear. We take pride in ethical consulting and in the clarity and quality of our work for which we charge reasonable rates.

Rural Legal Trust

The Rural Legal Trust (RLT) was established in 2000 as an interim arrangement that would provide free legal services for farm workers, farm dwellers and labour tenants, whilst the then Department of Land Affairs and the then Legal Aid Board were seeking parliament approval to establish such units.

Our Vision:

We are committed to self-directed People From Farms Forums that strive for their security of tenure and realisation of their human and socio-economic rights.

Our Mission:

We advocate for human and socio-economic rights for People From Farms by empowering and supporting rural mobilisation and ensuring development programs that will end their marginalisation.

Contact Us

Telephone: +27 114821311


Transkei Land Services Organisation advocates for and facilitates equal, secured access to land and other natural resources to promote land rights and sustainable livelihoods for resource-poor rural communities in the Eastern Cape.


TRALSO seeks to:

  • Make a knowledge based contribution to land reform policies
  • Support equitable access to land by rural communities
  • Support the development of institutional capacity of rural communities
  • Render effective, efficient and accountable service delivery in land and agrarian reform
  • Facilitate sustainable productive use of land to improve livelihoods of communities
  • Develop innovative and sustainable models of land use practices

Contact Us

Phone: 047 5312851/2

Email: Tralso@wildcoast.co.za