Our network

The LandNNES Network consists of many organisations, all working to tackle South Africa’s land and socio-economic issues. Find out more about our members here.

Through LandNNES, civil society is able to effectively engage public and private land governance stakeholders in a national multi-stakeholder platform. The establishment of a national multi-stakeholder platform accelerates the likelihood of results, increases efficiency and efficacy of action, and provides a constructive space for action where diverse perspectives can be coordinated .


AFRA is a land rights advocacy non-governmental organisation (NGO). working to support marginalised black rural people, with a focus on farm dwellers.

Afesis - Corplan

Afesiscorplan is a vibrant, dynamic development NGO situated in East London.


Afasa works to facilitate the development of African farmers in order to increase their meaningful participation in the agricultural sector.


The Land Access Movement of South Africa (LAMOSA) is an independent Community Based organization (CBO) advocating for land and agrarian rights, and substantive democracy through facilitating Sustainable development.